Our impact on the climate

Climate change is a global challenge, and responding to it calls for a number of parallel approaches.

We participate in the global climate effort by producing cleaner transport fuels from renewable raw materials, as well as by controlling the emissions from our production.

Emissions reduction provided by our renewable products compensates for the emissions from our production

The climate savings that Neste’s renewable products offer annually are more than twice as large as the annual emissions from Neste’s fossil and renewable refineries' operations and all logistics put together.

In 2018, our premium-quality renewable products, particularly Neste MY renewable diesel™, helped our customers reduce global climate emissions by 7.9 million tons. This equals the annual emissions of 3 million passenger cars or the carbon footprint of 1.2 million average EU citizens. By 2022, we aim at reducing altogether 9 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Maintaining the share of waste and residue usage in refining of renewables at a high level plays a key role in this work.

Carbon footprint of products – close monitoring from end to end

We calculate the carbon footprint of our products over their entire life cycle, from the production of the raw materials they are refined from to their end-use.

The use of our Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50–90% compared to conventional crude oil based diesel. 

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