Cooperation to build a low-carbon society

Neste is a founding member of the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra's Smart & Clean Foundation. Foundation, established in June 2016, aims to develop the Helsinki metropolitan area together with City of Lahti in Finland into a leading test area for clean and intelligent solutions. Such solutions will be related to, for example, transport, food, housing, and energy. Of the Foundation's key themes, particularly transport and mobility are most relevant for Neste. The term of operation for the Foundation is five years.

Neste's experts play an active role also in the new Carbon Handprint tool development project, which was launched in September 2016 and will continue for two years. The aim of this project, coordinated by Finnish VTT, is to develop a method and a tool to help companies to measure the environmental benefits related to their products and operations and to communicate about them better than before. Such information enables comparing of companies and their products in order to make choices based on sustainability aspects. This is an area that is new and developing at a global scale.