Developing our people

We develop competence and create success

Employee competence and a good understanding of the company's objectives lay the foundation for Neste's success. Development and career opportunities serve to make work more meaningful and to increase commitment to the company.

The basis for the professional training and personnel development is to support business objectives in the short and long term. In an increasingly challenging business environment, growth and competitiveness management is the foremost development area.

Hands-on learning and studying

Hands-on learning is one of the most essential and efficient ways of developing the skills of our people. Taking part in projects and development initiatives, job rotation and assignments abroad offer opportunities for personnel to increase professional skill and experience.    

Every Neste employee undergoes a performance and development review with the supervisor twice a year, setting motivating targets and assessing personal performance, development, and any development needs.

Our employees are offered customized expert, supervisor, and project manager training courses, for example. Safety is an essential part of professional skill, which is why all employees are trained in safe ways of working.

We have increasingly focused on the customer’s perspective in our development programs. Excellent customer service requires an understanding of the entire value chain at all organizational levels, the significance of one's own role and considering how to best provide value to the customer and the company.