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Equality and diversity are competitive advantages

The importance of equality and diversity is highlighted in Neste’s HR Policy and in the Group’s recruitment and remuneration principles. We believe that personnel diversity is a competitive advantage both in business operations and in competing for the best talent.

We offer all our employees equal opportunities regardless of their gender, ethnic origin, age, creed, political convictions, or other corresponding matters. We are committed to respecting human rights and valuing all employees as individuals.

Equal treatment of all employees increases job satisfaction, creates a positive atmosphere, motivates the personnel and increases the personnel's commitment to the employer's objectives.

Gender equality

We monitor gender distribution based on the composition of employees, management, management groups, and the membership of the Board of Directors. We also monitor the age distribution and educational level of employees. Employees’ ethnic origin or nationality is not monitored.

Neste's equality principle describes the underlying principles and practical measures used to develop equality between men and women. The equality principles concern all of our locations globally. The statistics and gender equality plan required under Finnish equality legislation are monitored annually together with employee representatives. Outside Finland, company practice complies with local legislation and requirements aimed at promoting greater equality between men and women.

Promoting equality and diversity in recruitment

The principles followed by Neste in its recruitment form part of the company’s management system, and are followed in all the countries where Neste operates in accordance with local legislation.

We recruit personnel based on their experience, expertise, skills, and values. We are committed to guaranteeing all applicants equal opportunities and fair and equal treatment during the recruitment process.

Recruitment is also used to promote diversity across the company.