Way Forward

Employee surveys offer valuable information for leadership support

For a long time, we have been monitoring our organizational culture and the engagement of our employees and the development in these through regular surveys.

We live in a constant change and the surveys need to keep up with the pace of the business. We want to have continuous dialogue with our people, ensure & measure the change, and provide real-time information to support decision making. Furthermore, it is important to us to ensure that our employees feel good.

According to the engagement survey conducted early 2019 our engagement score is 71, which is in line with global benchmark result. Majority of our employees think favorably of working at Neste and would recommend us as a workplace. Our special strengths are the meaningfulness of own work and the responsible way of acting of both the company and our people.

In addition to a broader employee engagement survey, we measure change through quicker pulse surveys and other surveys targeted at specific groups.

New kinds of methods to monitor and measure the pulse of the organization support our flexible and agile working practices, and strengthen leadership based on interaction.