Work well-being

What is the atmosphere at work like today?

Well-being is important to success. Therefore, it is, along with safety, the cornerstone of all development. Well-being at work is also an important part of the Way Forward approach.

At Neste, well-being originates from work. The keys to meaningful work and well-being at work are found in developing the individual's competence, a motivating atmosphere that encourages development, safe working environment, and good health.

We aim to make everyone's daily work better by paying particular attention to management and managerial work and by developing an encouraging culture and workplace skills throughout our organization.

Work/life balance also has a significant effect on well-being at work. Depending on the job description, flexible working hours and telecommuting opportunities make work more flexible. We also offer employees leisure activities, such as employee clubs and gyms.

Ways to ensure that work feels good…

  • Atmosphere that encourages development and sharing of competence
  • Understanding of the meaning of one's work
  • Atmosphere that encourages learning
  • Opportunities for developing competence and professional skills
  • Sharing competence and collaboration
  • Integrated occupational health services: health checkups, preventive health guidance, and medical care
  • Sickness and insurance funds
  • Early intervention model
  • Relocation activity
  • Early rehabilitation and Neste's rehabilitation courses
  • Substance abuse guidance and model for treatment referral
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle and various campaigns to promote health

…and does good 

  • Regular performance reviews and development discussions, as well as good daily management
  • Receiving and requesting feedback regularly
  • Functional distribution of work and clear roles and responsibilities
  • Jointly agreed principles
  • Functional working space and efficient processes
  • Developing the leadership
  • Personnel survey and engaging processing of the results
  • Employee club activities
  • Leisure time activities sponsored by the employer
  • Measures concerning the safety and comfortability of the working environment