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Societal engagement

We take part in the development of our industry and the rest of the society. We actively take part in the activities of relevant associations globally, and aim to actively engage in dialogue in Finland and abroad alike.

Expert information to support political decisions

In the energy industry, cooperation with the authorities and political decision-makers is of prime importance.

We support the work of legislators and other decision-makers by offering expertise and information from our field to support decisions. We are committed to the EU's good advocacy practices by registering with the EU's Transparency Register.

International research cooperation – focusing on algae, among others

We cooperate with a number of international universities and research institutions. In recent years, we have been actively involved in research on algae, for example. Micro-algae can be used as a raw material for our renewable products.

We are involved in international university-led algae research projects in Australia and the Netherlands. The research project develops ways to produce algae oil cost-efficiently.

Towards more sustainable production – taking part in developing the palm oil industry

We are actively developing the sustainability of our renewable raw material supply chaisn. For example, we are actively taking part in the development and adoption of more sustainable operating methods in the palm oil industry in Malaysia and Indonesia, also outside our own supply chain.

We have been collaborating with CORE, the Consortium of Resource Experts consisting of Daemeter and Proforest, to develop the traecability and transparency of our supply chains.

We are an active member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). We are engaged in an active dialogue with local NGOs and officials on developing the palm oil industry towards a more sustainable direction with regard to deforestation and social aspects, for example.