Sustainable landscape

Together with several global brands, such as Unilever, Pepsico, Cargill, and Danone, we started collaborating with palm oil companies Golden Agri (GAR) and Musim Mas, as well as non-governmental agencies to aim for a large-scale transformative sustainability impact in the Siak region in Indonesia.

The project takes on a regional landscape approach, and aims at sustainability improvements in the production of multiple commodities, such as palm oil, pineapple, and rubber. The regional project involves also the local government with the aim to establish strong local regulations to push for sustainable transformation, as well as other local key actors and civil societies. 

The collaboration started in June 2018 with benchmarking to compare the project aims with the ongoing sustainability-related projects and initiatives in the region. The exercise has helped the project identify focus areas that are crucial in terms of achieving transformative impact. These include protecting forests, peat and biodiversity, and supporting sustainability performance of smallholder farmers of the previously-mentioned commodities. 

The benchmarking will be completed in 2019, after which this approximately five-year project will set an implementation schedule for improving the region’s performance related to the environmental (e.g. conservation) and social issues (e.g. smallholders). Progress will be evaluated annually to track transformation based on the priorities identified.