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How to use your GDPR rights?

Here you can find instructions on how to use your GDPR rights. We will respond to your request within 30 days of receiving it. If your request is wide or complex we can extend the time period for two more months maximum.

When using your rights, please prepare to prove your identity. You have a right to use your rights free of charge. If the request is deemed manifestly unfounded or excessive by Neste, a fee may be charged to cover the administrative costs. Your requests will be stored along with your personal information.

  • Consumer - please fill the GDPR request form
  • Business contacts - please fill the GDPR request form
    • Please add the name of a Reference person at Neste (who knows you at Neste?) to the Additional information field on the form. This way we can locate your personal information easier.
  • Job applicant
    • You have the opportunity to manage your own personal data through Neste's recruitment portal. You can change, update or delete your data at any time.
    • We might use aptitude tests and/ or video interviews as a part of our recruitment campaign. If needed, you can request our service providers to give you further information concerning your personal data e.g. aptitude tests and/or video interviews. Video interviews will be stored for 12 months. If needed, you can request RecRight to delete your video and personal account by contacting them directly;
  • Employee - for more information, look at Neste's internal website, Portal.
  • Former employee - please contact your former supervisor or HR.