Finnish Refineries

Neste have a single refinery entity comprised of five production lines in Finland. Four of the production lines are located in Porvoo, the fifth one in Naantali.

Porvoo refinery

Porvoo plants are among the most advanced in Europe. Porvoo also has two units producing Neste MY renewable diesel.

The refining capacity of crude oil is approximately 10.5 million tons per year, or 206,000 barrels per day. In addition to crude oil, also other feedstocks are transported to Porvoo. Neste also has an oil terminal in Porvoo. It is the largest port in Finland in terms of tonnage, with about 1,100–1,400 ships a year calling.

Naantali production line

We produce among other things diesel, solvents, bitumen and small-engine gasoline at the Naantali production line.

The refining capacity of crude oil at Naantali is approximately 58,000 barrels a day, with the production totaling approx. 3 million tons a year. The Naantali oil terminal is the fifth-largest port in Finland in terms of traffic volume.