Mission and vision

Creating a healthier planet for our children

Everything we do at Neste serves one purpose: to create a healthier planet for our children. Over the past ten years, Neste has transformed from a regional oil refining company into a global leader in renewable fuels and one of the most sustainable companies in the world.

Our purpose pushes us forward to search for new ways to reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere, and to innovate circular solutions to reuse carbon again and again. Our aim is to become a global leader in renewable and circular solutions.

Helping our customers to make their business more sustainable

Neste helps transport and cities, as well as customers in the aviation, polymers and chemicals sectors make their business more sustainable.

We want to be a reliable partner with widely valued expertise, sustainable operations and a strong focus on innovation.

Our mission: Refining the future

We are pioneers. We see a future full of opportunities.

We have always thought in a different way. We want to challenge the oil refining industry by offering increasingly clean fuel solutions and applications based on renewable raw materials.

Our vision: Creating responsible choices every day