Regulatory issues

Regulatory issues

The energy industry affects people's lives, and the global environment and energy companies are subject to a variety of government policies and regulations both at national and EU levels.

We at Neste believe that good policy decisions should be a result of a thorough dialogue among different stakeholders and we strive to be part of the process of shaping policies and regulations that impact on our business. We do so by communicating our views to governmental decision-makers, participating in the work of our industry's trade associations and being in dialogue with civil society organizations.

We recognize the concerns over climate change

Neste recognizes the ongoing climate crisis and increasing global demand on energy. We promote policies that seek environmentally sound solutions to meet the energy and climate challenges.

We believe that sustainable biofuels and  other bio-based products, such as renewable polymers and chemicals, are among the important means to decarbonize transport and other industries as we move towards a circular economy. We advocate for predictable and long-term regulations that allow various technologies to evolve and compete on an equal basis.