Beverly Hills

City of Beverly Hills vehicles run smoothly with renewable diesel

The second generation of biofuels and renewable diesel is here, but what does that mean for Beverly Hills fleet manager Craig Crowder? For Crowder and his fleet of 445 vehicles, it means better performance, reduced maintenance and a more sustainable way to serve the city.

“We have a lot of different types of vehicles,” said Crowder, who has been with the City of Beverly Hills for more than 25 years. “My biggest concern with switching fuel types was the transition and what accommodations would have to be made. Thankfully, with Neste MY Renewable Diesel, it was a drop-in product that required no change in infrastructure.”

It was in June of 2013 that Crowder decided to make the switch from petroleum-based ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) to Neste MY Renewable Diesel.


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“After switching to Neste MY, we noticed that our fuel systems were very clean, even cleaner than they had been while using ULSD,” Crowder said. “Our DPFs [diesel particulate filters] were performing better, and annual maintenance was simple and efficient. Our trucks had improved performance, better power and less smoke emission.”

Crowder is proud to report that his fleet now runs on 100 percent renewable diesel—an important part of the City of Beverly Hills’s sustainability plan.

“Reducing our emissions is key in helping make our city more environmentally friendly,” Crowder said. “Making the switch to Neste MY Renewable Diesel was such an easy thing to do and has been a win-win for the community and our fleet.”

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