06 March 2012

Beyond Force Majeure

Written by Thomas Guinot
Published in Oil products

For Neste Oil, declaring Force Majeure on NEXBASE® 3050 and NEXBASE® 3060 was an extremely difficult decision to make. By anticipating the implications for customers, end users and OEMs, the team had put all efforts, from day one, to mitigate shortage situations for our lubricants blenders customers.The combination of early and precise communications (availability, supply chain), a remarkable work done on equivalency testing (Bahrain-Porvoo), a great job at the refinery to address the production issue, and a slow seasonal demand, has limited the impact on lubricants blenders.

Let’s take a step back: Overall, Neste Oil Base Oils’ team have been receiving very good customer feedback. Customers have appreciated the early notice and the solutions offered to support them (our Beringen Customer Service team’s played a key role here). It was also a very important period, whereby Neste Oil’s customer focus culture has been tested to the extreme. Lessons are always learned during crises, and we, at Neste Oil, are committed to further improve our supply reliability at our different Base Oils production sites.

We also wish to thank our customers and distributors for their flexibility and their great understanding of the issues Neste Oil have been facing; This is proving, once again, that our industry needs more and more partnerships and mutual work to achieve successes in our businesses to serve the growing global energy challenges. Let us assure that Neste Oil Base Oils team is ready to take up these challenges, to ensure reliable supply and to find solutions for Lubricants and Energy businesses globally.

Thomas Guinot
Technology and Marketing Services Manager