28 June 2013

Customer service can make a difference

Written by Tom Kustermans
Published in Oil products

Main responsibility of the Customer Service Team is to guide our NEXBASE products from our distribution terminals to our customer’s locations. That includes order processing, arranging transportation, coordination of the loadings with the terminals and so forth.

The team members and their mindset are the most important asset in this process. Having a real customer-oriented culture is the keystone of an effective customer service organization, and does already half of the job. We strongly believe in and strive for anticipation and proactive communication. We for sure try to prevent delays and hiccups, but as you might imagine, in e.g. logistics these cannot always be avoided. Nevertheless, we experience that customers appreciate our early efforts to find a solution or alternative.

Assigning a dedicated person to each customer guarantees easy access and supports our valued fast response time.

We also expect our logistic partners to be the extension of our own organization towards our customers. We therefore select our partners very carefully and monitor them in the daily operations and via periodic performance discussions.

At this moment we have experienced Customer Service Teams in Beringen (Belgium) and Houston (United States), which have been growing over the last 15 years, together with the business. The last major impact was of course the start-up of the Bahrain production unit, which changed our traditionally truck-delivery oriented business into a combination of truck deliveries and vessel shipments.

We look forward to the challenges that the future will bring us!

Tom Kustermans
Customer Service Manager, Base Oils