20 December 2012

End of the year thoughts

Written by Virpi Amoedo
Published in Oil products

I like December and these last business days before the year-end holidays. This is the time for finalizing old projects and preparing action plans for the new year. In the office it’s possible to feel satisfaction about the work completed and targets reached as well as excitement about new projects – and all this is spiced up with joy about coming holidays.

ICIS Pan-American Base Oils conference got me already to the year-end mood, and obviously wonderful Christmas atmosphere of New York had an impact. However, more importantly all the interesting presentations and discussions during the conference enhanced Neste Oil base oils plans in the North and South American markets. During 2012 we have brought Nexbase base oils to these markets in bigger volume than earlier, and our plan is to further develop our presence in terms product offering, customer service and supply chain.

Now sitting at my desk and managing my to-do-before-Christmas-list, I see the ending year as an important milestone for Neste Oil’s base oil business. This was a year of new volume launch and implementing the global supply strategy. Next year we will continue the work, and we will keep up the dialogue with customers and business partners in order to ensure the best possible solutions for the markets. We want our customers to succeed in their businesses on long term.

I wish wonderful Christmas break and happy new year to all Neste Oil Observations readers. Please follow us also next year as we plan to provide more frequent updates from Neste Oil.

Virpi Amoedo
Vice President, Base Oils