02 December 2013

Pace of Change

I'm writing this blog post on a rainy day in Singapore. I should be packing for my travel to New Jersey for the Pan American Base Oils and Lubricants conference, but I always leave packing until the last minute. At the same time I'm thinking of my next packing. I'll be returning back to Finland before Christmas and I have to admit that my mind is already there - home. It will be quite a change to go back from the tropics to the cold and hopefully snowy Finland. But I believe the change is always good.

We are talking so much about change everywhere that it has become almost tangible. You can feel the change when you read the morning news on your tablet or phalet, or if you are more of a traditional type, newspaper. There are a lot of questions and very little answers. How do you raise your kids who are fluent in digital technology when you're not? Do the governments have the courage to make the changes societies need to manage the ageing population? How to get up from the mess called Eurozone crisis? And what about the 3D printers, I heard that you can even print wood with those gadgets. The change is tangible because we are living through it right at this moment.

At Neste Oil, we acknowledge that the business environment is changing and that we need to start thinking differently, and most importantly, acting differently. There are challenges that stem from the changing environment as well as from the strategic choices we have made in order to implement our strategy: to be the preferred partner in cleaner traffic solutions. To succeed everyone's input matters. The organizations don't change, people do.

This is why our company has launched a program "Way forward". It is to encourage all personnel to change the ways of working in their day-to-day routines. The program encourages people to improve their working habits based on the existing company values. The Way forward is all about being innovative and responsible, driving for excellence and creating the best possible co-operation.

The Base oil industry is not an outsider of the world change. Our colleague Thomas Guinot will be speaking about an Era of the Global Change at the Pan American Base oils and Lubricants conference at the end of this week. Do you want to know the requirements for a Group III base oil supplier in today's world? Or do you want to hear about the future Group III profiles? Come to listen to his talk and to meet with our team in New Jersey! My packing will soon be done and I'm also on my way there.

Ulla Kotila
Market Development Specialist, Base Oils