26 April 2013

Value chain in the lubricant industry - Where does Neste Oil cooperate?

Written by Thomas Guinot
Published in Oil products

Neste Oil NEXBASE products form an integral part of the lubricant value chain. Yet, the lubricant business is big, complex, and changing faster than thought. In addition, base oils - particularly group 3 category base oils - add significantly more than just high quality molecules to the value chain. Understanding this value and how it may evolve starts by taking a look at Neste Oil’s position in the value chain.

We connect with several major players (see figure below) and play a key role in defining and refining the functionality of finished lubricants.

The highly interactive link Neste Oil has with additive companies is very important and strategic: beyond the dissolution of VII (Viscosity Index Improvers) polymers, our collaborative work is essential in developing new solutions for our Finished Lubricants customers, in order to address increasingly complex requirements (new OEM hardware, legislations). Our long history and experience with the additive companies is extremely valuable when it comes to making important decisions for key developments (for different applications, in different regions). This is all for now, but in my next post I will describe Neste Oil’s links with the other stakeholders, and explore how the chain may evolve and the roles of each player of the value chain. So stay tuned!

Thomas Guinot
Technology and Marketing Services Manager