Neste Pro Diesel™ - test the best

For fleets and private car owners – Drivers of private cars and fleet operators can reduce their fuel consumption by as much as 5%, depending on the type of vehicle and driving style, while simultaneously seeing an improvement in engine performance.

Neste Pro Diesel™ is manufactured at the Porvoo refinery in Finland and is available in Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Proven the best in extensive testing

Neste Pro Diesel is the first diesel fuel to comply with the toughest diesel specifications drawn up as part of the Worldwide Fuel Charter (WWFC) category 5 by automotive manufacturers in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

Studies at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and Neste's Engine Laboratory have shown that Neste Pro Diesel reduces fuel consumption, improves engine power, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Lower fuel consumption

Research has shown that Neste Pro Diesel reduces fuel consumption by as much as 5%, depending on the vehicle, driving style, and driving conditions. For a large fleet, this can mean a significant reduction in annual costs.

Top performance, summer and winter

Neste Pro Diesel provides an average 2% increase in power and torque compared with traditional diesel fuels. In some configurations the improvement was 4%. Carbon build-up is very low with Neste Pro Diesel, reducing the accumulation of deposits in fuel nozzles and thus improving engine performance and lowering maintenance costs.

Winter grade Neste Pro Diesel has excellent cold properties for operational reliability in the winter. It can be used at temperatures down to -37°C and stored at -32°C, compared with -34°C and stored at -29°C, respectively, for traditional diesel fuel. 

Lower emissions

Using Neste Pro Diesel can reduce greenhouse gases by as much as 20%. It also reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides, particles and hydrocarbons.

Key benefits

  • Reduced fuel consumption
    Test results show fuel consumption is reduced by up to 5%, depending on the vehicle, driving style, and driving conditions.
  • Increased engine power
    Engine power and torque increased by up to 4% compared to conventional diesel fuel.
  • Improved winter performance
    Neste Pro Diesel has superior cold properties. It can be used in temperatures down to -37°C, and thanks to the high cetane number the engine startability is improved and noise is reduced.
  • Enhances engine reliability
    Thanks to its chemical composition and innovative additive package, Neste Pro Diesel improves reliability and reduces the need for repairs.
  • Keeps engine cleaner
    Neste Pro Diesel burns cleaner, with less carbon build-up, improving engine performance and reducing the need for maintenance.
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
    Vehicles using Neste Pro Diesel generate up to 20% lower greenhouse gas emissions.