Full range of fuels and tailored services to heavy traffic and fleets

From a full range of fuels for all vehicles and all driving conditions to reliable and punctual deliveries, our goal is to give you a clean advantage.

Our selection of premium-quality diesel products, arctic diesel and Neste Renewable Diesel ensures that we have the right fuel for your every need – tailored to your specifications when necessary. In addition to fuels, we offer a comprehensive range of lubricants, greases and car chemicals.

Extensive station network

On the road, Neste has a station network to serve both fleets and private customers in Finland, the Baltic countries, and the northwest Russia.

Through our network, we can offer one-stop shopping for all your traffic fuel and other oil product needs. Our own terminal network and refineries ensure reliable and flexible deliveries at all times.

Card services

There are several company card alternatives for different purposes, offering time and cost saving accounting integration, as well as card-specific breakdown of purchases.

Our company cards also offer comprehensive reporting on your fuel purchases, providing accurate insight into your consumption and fuel spend. This information, including all the required Finnish VAT details, is available on our Extranet service and via file transfer.

Cardless fueling

Truck+ is a ‘cardless’ refueling service offered by Neste in Finland. The solution avoids conventional risks associated with cards: cards no longer get lost, no PIN codes are forgotten (or needed), and the fuel only ends up in a tank that has been mounted with a correct Truck+ device.

Our network of Truck+ stations already exceeds 140 heavy traffic sites and keeps growing.