Marine fuel solutions for shipping lines

Neste offers high-quality FAME-free and low-sulfur fuels which meet the requirements of the EU Sulfur Directive, and significantly reduce sulfur and particle emissions.

Cleaner engines and longer maintenance intervals

Our ready-to-use fuels are of significantly higher quality and have a higher degree of refining than the heavy fuel oil usually used on ships. The current EU and international regulations demand lower sulfur emissions from ships operating on the Baltic Sea, North Sea and the English Channel.

Neste is currently offering two low-sulfur marine fuels (Neste MDO DMB and Neste RMB), the sulfur concentration of which is less than 0.1 percent. In addition to the distribution of marine fuels, we also offer added value services, such as technical training.


  • Good stability – Less separation needed

  • Good compatibility with alternatives – Less operability problems

  • Less fuel heating – Lower operating costs

  • Faster bunkering during winter time – Time saved on board

  • High energy content – Higher energy content (kg) than in residual fuels

Marine fuel deliveries in Finland and Sweden

Ship to ship bunkering is fast, safe, and in most cases the most convenient way to deliver marine diesel oil to customers. Bunkering is available at the three ports in Helsinki: South Harbor, West Harbor and Vuosaari Harbor. 

Safe deliveries to other ports in Finland are supplied by trucks. Marine diesel oil is also available by ex-pipe delivery in Porvoo and Naantali. Export cargoes are also available.

The distribution of low-sulfur marine fuels in Sweden started in 2017. With the distribution operation, we primarily serve Metropolitan Stockholm but also supply low-sulfur marine fuels to other places on the Easter coast of Sweden, if necessary.

Our marine fuels are a good solution to reduce sulfur emissions and meet the tightening regulations without hardly any investments or modifications to the vessels.