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Mailing address

OOO Neste St. Petersburg
Pulkovskoe shosse 32a
196158 St. Petersburg


tel. +7 812 703 0616


fax +7 812 373 1313

e-mail: nesteru@neste.com
home page: www.neste.ru

Retail and direct sales

Neste St. Petersburg is a significant petroleum product marketing company in Russia, where the company is engaged in retail sales of petroleum products, as well as direct sales, via its Neste service station network.

Thanks to the company's own oil terminal in St. Petersburg harbour, the availability and high quality of petroleum products can be guaranteed. The Neste service station network in the St. Petersburg and Vyborg region comprises both manned service stations and unmanned automated A24/D stations. Regardless of the type, all of the service stations are open 24h/day.

Neste's core business in Russia includes the purchase, sale and logistics of crude oil and feedstock, and retail sales of petroleum products via the service stations.