Mining and construction

Mining and construction

With a comprehensive portfolio of products for demanding industrial use, Neste can serve a wide range of industrial needs. Our industrial products include process oils and lubricants for a wide variety of applications from the circulation oils for paper machines to industrial gears or hydraulics, fuels for vehicles and machinery, industrial gasoline for process use, and solvents.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a solution for many industries including mining and construction. It can help our customers lower their carbon footprint as well as provide cleaner air for those working around the machinery. It's a premium product  with advantages over petroleum diesel and biodiesel.

With our own refineries and efficient logistics, we can ensure consistent reliable deliveries to our customers. We are also an experienced producer of Arctic Grades for cold climates.

With a focus on R&D and innovation, our high-quality products, used for a variety of industries and applications, keep your business moving forward.

Arctic Diesel

  • 100% Petroleum product (similar to Jet fuel)
  • Very satisfied customers in Canada, Finland, and Sweden
  • Good cold properties, e.g. CP -60 celsius

 Neste MY Renewable Diesel (R100)

  • 100% renewable low-carbon product
  • Fully fungible, drop-in fuel
  • Improves local air quality / low emissions
  • Helps to meet environmental requirements
  • Good cold properties, max -37 celsius