Government funding for a lignocellulosic fuels project in Canada

In November 2020, the Quebec Government announced its funding totaling of CAD 5.943 million (approximately EUR 3.85 million, USD 4.55 million) to a non-profit organization Bioénergie La Tuque (BELT) for a project under a program called Technoclimat from Transition Énergétique Québec (TEQ).

The idea behind the funding is to develop and demonstrate the potential of producing advanced biofuels from locally-sourced forestry waste in La Tuque, Quebec, Canada. The funding will be used to continue project development and plant design, which are key enablers for making further decisions in the upcoming years on the potential of building a renewable fuels plant in the area.

BELT, the Council of the Atikamekw Nation (CNA), and Neste, the world’s leading renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel provider, have been collaborating on the project since 2017. The partners have been jointly assessing the feasibility of utilizing sustainably-sourced forest-based biomass, particularly harvesting residues – such as branches and tops that are not suitable for sale – in the production of advanced sustainable biofuels. 

The funding demonstrates the Quebec government’s strong support for Neste’s aim of bringing new volumes of sustainable lower-emission fuels from locally-sourced raw materials to the market. Additional biofuel volumes are crucial for replacing fossil fuel use, making a positive impact towards reaching local and global emission reduction targets.

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