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zoology Sustainability

The Botany of Sustainability – the three species defining our future

Together with Neste, McDonald’s in the Netherlands can turn their waste stream into their own use and power the logistics by HAVI with Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ made out of used cooking oil (UCO). Circular economy
Circular economy

Turning fries into miles – how McDonald’s, Neste, and HAVI create a circular economy that uses cooking oil to fuel logistics

plastics pact Plastics

Behind the European Plastics Pact: How Europe drives circularity and tackles the plastic waste challenge through collaboration and convergence

old_plastics_advertisements Plastics

Our relationship with plastics will change – first gradually, then suddenly

Plasticwaste Plastics

Tomorrow’s agenda: The next 5 big milestones for turning chemical recycling of plastics from a promise into an industrial solution

businessguide Plastics

How to build a winning business: 5 things you can do to reduce your business’s plastic footprint

plastics 6 things Plastics

Plastics recycling: six big questions answered

Bioplastics article header Plastics

Bio-based? Recyclable? Biodegradable? Your guide to sustainable plastics

Climate change
Climate change

CEO Talks: Solid Q1/2020 results behind but the future brings unprecedented uncertainty