We generate improvements and breakthroughs that support the company’s target of becoming a global leader in renewable and circular solutions. Our mission is to renew Neste and build new businesses as a globally recognized innovation leader.

Renewable and circular solutions for chemicals and plastics

We develop bio-based plastics and chemicals from wastes and residues and sustainable produced vegetable oils. We develop ways to turn plastic waste into high-quality products and aim to become a significant solution provider for chemical recycling.

Raw material research

Neste´s extensive portfolio of globally-sourced sustainable raw materials is based on our long-term R&D work, and world-class expertize in chemistry and sustainability.

NEXBTL technology

Neste´s own proprietary technology for producing renewable fuels, chemicals and plastics from vegetable oils, wastes and residues.

Sustainability assessment

Sustainability Assessment in Neste provides in-depth expertise in Life Cycle Analysis and GHG calculation principles, and methods, and related legislation and standardization for all Neste products.

Collaboration and co-innovation

We identify new business opportunities, identify game-changing technologies and build world class innovation capabilities and partnerships.

Innovation ecosystems and excellence

Identifies new business and technology opportunities, builds world class innovation capabilities and partnerships, and drives operational excellence in the Innovation.

Refining processes

We develop and test catalysts and refining processes, develop circular solutions for raw materials, and solutions for carbon capture to decrease the carbon footprint of our refineries.

Products and applications

Renewable and cleaner products for road traffic, aviation and shipping.

Chemical analytics and quality control

We deliver reliable quality control services to our refineries, analytical solutions and method development for research projects and supply chain processes. Our laboratories are among the largest chemistry laboratories in Finland.

New business platforms

New business platforms drive the commercialization of novel feedstock and technologies in production of fuels, chemicals and materials. Our focus is on lignocellulosic wastes and residues, municipal solid waste and algae.