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Where do transport emissions come from?

Road transport and aviation are the two largest sources of transport emissions. Addressing emissions from road transport is thus paramount to reduce the climate impact of mobility.

Transport Emissions in Europe

Road transport

Road transport

Road transport

Road transport

Road transport

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Electric and hybrid electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, battery electric and plug-in hybrid passenger cars accounted for 23% of the sale of all passenger cars in 2020. However, most vehicles on the road today and for years to come use internal combustion engines.  Many passenger cars and the overwhelming majority of trucks and vans are powered by diesel engines.

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Heavy Goods Vehicles

Road transport is the backbone of the European economy, and by far the most important mode of freight transport. It is also a major source of emissions. 

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Road Transport in 2030

According to the European Commission’s Impact Assessment Study, even in the model that assumes the fastest shift to electric vehicles, internal combustion engines would still power the vast majority of vehicles in 2030. In goods vehicles, diesel would still be by far the most commonly used fuel.


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