Welcome to Neste!

You are joining us at a very exciting time. Over the past ten years, Neste has transformed from a regional oil refining company into a global leader in renewable fuels. In 2019, we were also selected as the world’s third most sustainable company. Now we are aiming to become a global leader in renewable and circular solutions. Our success depends largely upon the commitment, energy and dedication of our over 5,000 employees globally — the Neste family you are about to join! Now is the time to challenge ourselves as we work towards our target – faster, bolder and together.

On this page, you can find useful information regarding your first day with us, as well as a couple of pointers on Neste’s work culture. However, before diving deeper into these practicalities, please use a couple of minutes to watch the video below about the purpose that drives us forward every day: creating a healthier planet for our children


Get to know us and our way of working

Our why

Every company needs a purpose, and Neste has a strong one: to create a healthier planet for our children.

We want to become a global leader in renewable and circular solutions. Everything that we do, down to the smallest detail, shows our clear commitment to tackling the challenges of climate change. At Neste, understanding and valuing wellbeing is vital for our success. We encourage every individual to contribute towards creating a positive impact on the environment as well as on the people, communities and societies around us. As innovation is in our DNA, we are empowered to develop pioneering solutions to make businesses more sustainable.

Read more: Who we are - Vision and mission - Values - Sustainability

Way of working

The Way forward is Neste’s way of working. It supports us in improving our profitability, our business and our performance. The Way Forward is based on our existing values; responsibility, innovation, excellence and cooperation.


Taking clear ownership of tasks
Taking decision at the right level
Reacting when people don’t follow our values


Experimenting - playing with ideas, learning fast, failing fast.
Asking how we can do things differently
Co-creating - working together with external partners


Cooperating across functions and business units
Trusting other people’s capabilities
Listening to and acting on feedback from customers and colleagues


Leading with clear objectives
Appreciating and recognizing results
Learning from failures


We believe the success of a company is linked to the development and wellbeing of its employees. That’s why we feel it is vital to offer benefits which support your way forward with Neste! Some of our benefits are as follows:

Health and energy at work

At Neste we take care of wellbeing at work together. Feeling good supports your Way Forward way of working. We provide for example extensive healthcare, health insurance fund, lunch benefits and exercise possibilities * to support your wellbeing at work.

* depending on the country specific benefits

Professional development

Neste supports your professional growth and empowers your renewal. Moving forward as a company means offering reinventing possibilities for our employees. This is done by providing different development and training programs but also regular feedback of your progression.

Effective and safe working

Working life is changing - we need to become smarter, better and bolder. At Neste everyone is an expert in their own work, thus we believe in giving you responsibility, challenges and trust.

We want to equip you the best way possible. This means promoting effective and safe ways of working. Depending on your work, a variety of tools help us do just that: flexitime, remote working, well designed facilities, and proper tools and equipment.

Member of Neste family

Respect, feedback and acting according to our shared values are at the core of our healthy work community. With us you feel part of the dedicated professionals of Neste family. In order to integrate into our family, many social activities such as different clubs and variety of events are available *. Follow your colleagues of the Neste family on social media with the hashtag #NesteLife.

* depending on the country


Everyone at Neste is a leader. We believe that leadership does not belong to line managers only. Besides leading teams, we also lead projects, expertise areas and other business aspects daily. Our leadership model aims to drive Neste’s business excellence and the Way Forward way of working.

Neste leadership behavior model
Media Folder:
We want to drive clarity:

We need to know what results are expected from each of us, whether we hit our targets, and how our personal impact fits the larger picture of Neste’s strategy.

We want support:

We need to be understood as individuals, find support when we develop ourselves as professionals, and receive and share feedback on how to utilize our full potential and drive renewal.

We want to be empowered:

We want to have a new level of togetherness through involvement and sharing ideas across organizations. We want to be empowered to find new perspectives and have cultural room for trying and daring.

Your induction plan

After starting with us, you will go through a comprehensive induction plan that will introduce you to Neste and our way of working. 

At Neste your induction consists of:

Induction to your role, responsibilities and functions

In order for you to have the best possible start to your career at Neste, your manager has created an induction plan for your first weeks with us. You will be given the necessary guidance and training for your new position and you will be introduced to your colleagues and essential stakeholders. Some meetings are already scheduled in your calendar and some will require your initiative.

Global Induction Program

For you, like all new Neste employees, an induction program "Welcome to Neste" will be assigned in our personnel system Hugo. You will receive an email about this on your first working day. During the program you will learn about Neste way of working, about safety at Neste, wellbeing and many other essential topics. The program consists of e-learnings, videos and other materials.The program should be completed within the first two months of employment.

Employment Induction

HR will send you a separate meeting invitation to the Employment Induction session within two weeks from the start of your Neste career. In this induction you will hear more about local practicalities related to employment matters (e.g. working time, holidays, salary payments), and for example, commuting possibilities and employee benefits. During this session, you will also get a chance to meet other new Neste employees and start to build your own Neste network!


Get a head start by watching what your future colleagues have to say about their work and by getting familiar with the topics below:

Joining us:

We want you to have a smooth start with us. Please, have a look at the practicalities and instructions regarding your first days and weeks at Neste.


First day

Please, remember to bring the following with you on your first day at Neste:

  •  Valid ID with photo e.g. passport, ID-card or driver's license
  •  Income tax card
  •  Your best smile! On your first day the Neste ID badge photo will be taken.


Visiting address:

Keilaranta 21, Espoo

Public transport:

The Neste HQ is easily accessible by public transport. The closest metro station is 700m by foot and there are two bus stops at a 100m radius from the office. Check HSL for routes and timetables: www.hsl.fi/en


During the City bike season, you can find a station on Keilaranta, right in front of our office. If you are arriving with your own bicycle, you can find bicycle stands in front of the main entrance of the building.


The parking lot is located in front of the main entrance. If you come by car on your first day, you may park there for 3 hours with a visitor pass picked up from the reception. Your manager or HR specialist will give you further instructions on how to access the employee parking.

Office practicalities

Here at Neste we support agile working. We believe that individuals perform the best when in a flexible and productive atmosphere. In practise this means that there are no assigned seats, instead employees choose where they sit to facilitate with the days tasks. Depending on your role, you may also have the possibility to work remotely. As we don’t have our own desks, all employees are assigned a locker to store personal belongings and laptops when out of office.

We want to make your work day as comfortable as possible. This is why all of our work desks are adjustable and each floor has a range of ergonomic chairs and standing matts that are free for use. There are also multiple silent areas and phone booths when you need some privacy.

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding your first day, do not hesitate to contact your hiring manager or the HR expert you are associated with.

All email addresses are in the format: firstname.lastname(at)neste.com

If you have questions regarding the location, please call the switchboard: +358 10 45811


Will be updated.


Will be updated.

A warm welcome to Neste!

If you want to learn more, head over to neste.com or connect with us on social media.