Personal & home care: more sustainable alternatives for consumers

Personal and home care applications are seeing a strong demand for more sustainable alternatives driven by end consumers making more sustainable choices. With Neste RETM, it’s possible to cut the usage of virgin fossil raw materials in the production of plastics and chemicals, enabling a more sustainable future for personal and home care products.

Polymers and chemicals play a crucial role in personal and home care applications. On the one hand, they provide convenient and brand-enhancing packaging, on the other hand, they contribute to safe and high-performing formulations.

Personal & Home Care

Neste RE is made of 100% renewable and recycled materials, cutting the reliance on fossil crude oil in the production of plastics and chemicals. Ready to use within the existing production infrastructure, it allows for a gradual switch to more sustainable materials. Most importantly, products made with Neste RE are of identical quality to those made from conventional fossil materials: they are safe to use, come with the same properties and are eligible for sensitive applications - yet, they come with reduced climate impact.