Making play more sustainable: replacing virgin fossil oil in toys

Our purpose is to create a healthier planet for our children. That purpose is a driving force for our everyday business, as we continuously develop new renewable and circular solutions. We envision a future where plastics are produced without virgin fossil oil — a future where also play is more sustainable. 

Safety and durability for playful designs

Plastics used for toys must meet the highest safety, durability and quality standards. For brands looking for more sustainable options, Neste RE enables the production of plastics for toys without any virgin fossil oil.

Neste RE is a raw material for plastic production made 100% out of renewable and recycled materials. It is a drop-in solution that can be used to create products of identical quality to those made out of virgin fossil raw materials. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with the existing chemical industry production infrastructure. 

Our products always meet all the safety and quality requirements set by local authorities. Neste RE is a pure, high-quality feedstock that can be safely used in polymers production, even for sensitive applications. Our refineries and processing technologies ensure complete purification and physical-chemical transformation of the biogenic and chemically recycled materials into Neste RE.