Circular economy
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That's a first down in the fight against Climate Change

Who knew that eating wings while watching football could help fight climate change? Thanks to the magic of a circular economy, American sports fans are helping keep nearly 1,900 metric tons of CO2 equivalent out of the atmosphere - simply by chowing down on their favorite game day snacks during Super Bowl LV.

The circle starts when sports fans order their favorite food and the restaurant starts cooking. Making wings, fries and other snacks creates a lot of used cooking oil and grease. After the  big game, more than 120 Mahoney Environmental employees safely visited Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, Wingstop, Wings Etc, Chicken and Spice, and Wing Street  restaurants (and many more) across the country to collect this waste material. In fact,  they picked up more than 2.32 million pounds of used cooking oil.

Next up in the circle is Neste. Neste will turn this used cooking oil into approximately 236,000 gallons of renewable diesel or sustainable aviation fuel. To put this in perspective, this could deliver the same climate benefits as keeping 4,400 barrels of oil in the ground, making 410 passenger cars zero emission, or planting 31,500 trees (based on EPA data). 

Circular Economy

Neste and Mahoney Environmental are committed to fighting climate change and creating a healthier planet. Together, we are safely collecting tens of millions of pounds of  used  cooking oil, grease and other waste materials from more than 40,000 venues across the country - including restaurants, stadiums, and airports. This waste material is then turned into renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, and other renewable products that are used to power America’s big rigs, planes and many other vehicles. We are even able to power our customers fleets on fuel made from their own waste - like we are doing in the City of Oakland

Not only is this cutting edge development supporting a more green workforce and putting more money into the pockets of Americans, but nearly 40 million tons of CO2 has been prevented from entering the atmosphere over the past five years. 

The time to act is now, and the creative teams at Neste and Mahoney are continuing to push forward by growing the circular economy. . 

Together, we offer a “one-stop shop” solution to turn the food and hospitality industry's waste challenges into a cliamte solution. .