Neste Marine™ 0.1 helps Silja Line respond to new emission requirements

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Neste and Tallink Silja respond to increasing marine environmental and emission requirements – Silja Line’s ships use Neste’s cleaner solutions ​

Neste provides its customers with high-quality and low-emission solutions – also for the needs of marine operations. Shipping companies, international organizations and legislators are steering the development of marine operations towards a more eco-friendly and low-carbon direction. Neste and Tallink Silja are leading the way, promoting together the marine environmental work. 

The EU Sulphur Directive, which entered into force in 2015, requires vessels operating in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel to produce lower sulfur emissions. Currently, Neste provides its customers with two low-sulfur marine fuels whose sulfur content is less than 0.1 percent. 

Tallink Silja is one of the largest passenger and cargo shipping companies in the Baltic Sea region and one of Neste’s longest standing marine fuel customers. Tallink Silja’s cruise ships operate from Helsinki and Turku to Stockholm via the Åland Islands under the Silja Line brand. All of the company’s cruise ships operating from Finnish ports use Neste’s low-sulfur marine fuel.


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Sustainable development is one of Tallink Silja’s key focus areas. Protecting the environment, sea and air is an integral part of the company’s activities. One concrete action is the selection of fuel. 

“When we select a fuel supplier for our cruise ships, we place emphasis on various factors, such as the refinery and delivery capacity, fuel quality, the ability to deliver, price and cooperation opportunities. The final choice is always based on the weighing up of all these factors”, says Clas-Johann Westén, Technical Superintendent from Tallink Silja.

“The environment is another significant value. We are working hard to improve the state of the environment. We address environmental protection in the development of new operating models and in the use of new technologies. In addition, we are involved in a number of projects that aim to improve the energy-efficiency of ships and reduce their emissions.”

Fuel deliveries based on efficiency and safety

Neste’s refueling services at sea “from ship to ship” provide customers with punctual fuel deliveries. These bunkering services offer a fast and safe way to deliver marine fuel to customers. Outside the Port of Helsinki, low-sulfur marine fuels are distributed from Neste’s M/T Lotus.