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Employee surveys

Neste regularly conducts a comprehensive employee survey to capture a view on people engagement and development matters. The most recent are from January 2019 and January 2020. Quarterly pulses, focusing on selected strategy critical issues, complement the larger survey.

The survey from January 2020 shows that people at Neste are engaged and consider their work important. Manager and team relationships are strong. However, people do not always feel supported through changes, and there are barriers that prevent them from delivering their work efficiently. 

In July and October 2019 our pulse surveys showed that the new strategy was clear and well communicated, and that our people understood the need for change across the organization. However, Neste’s rapid growth and transformation brought challenges to our people as individuals and team members. The pace of change was impacting the role clarity and change adaptation.

In April and August 2020 the pulse surveys focused on our renewed values, employee wellbeing and ways of working - due to the exceptional situation during 2020. Overall, people seemed to respond very well to the situation, felt increasingly engaged but needed still more encouragement and feedback.

We take the messages from our people very seriously. To support our personnel in adapting to changes, survey results are discussed and actions agreed in teams at all levels. During 2020, values and wellbeing are important topics in the Forward discussions with the line manager.

Forward Survey January 2020

Forward Survey highlights, January 2020