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Promoting equality and a non-discriminative culture

We are committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, equality, and non-discriminative culture based on Neste’s renewed Equality and Non-Discrimination Principle. We promote equality by, for example, ensuring that we follow non-discriminatory practices in personnel decisions such as recruitment, setting terms of employment, task distribution, access to training, promotion and remuneration. Our renewed values clearly state that we include and welcome everyone on the Neste journey, caring for diversity and everyone’s right to be their own true selves.

We believe that strict equality and non-discrimination is not only obligatory due to regulatory pressure, but it is a fundamental right and fair. It also provides a competitive advantage for the future in the markets as well as in the competition for the best possible employees. 

We believe that diversity, fairness, equal treatment and inclusive culture support our working culture, facilitate innovation and lead to better business decisions by enabling a wide range of perspectives, improving personnel's engagement, performance and contribution to the employer's objectives.  

To support the execution our principles, we are committed to monitoring equality and non-discrimination together with employee representatives on Neste, local, country, BU and Common Function levels. We also identify development areas together with employee representatives.

In 2019, Neste’s Equality and Non-Discrimination Working Group focused on renewing the principle to better address our global set-up and developing indicators for diversity and inclusion follow-up. We aim to achieve a truly diverse workplace culture, covering not only gender but also other diversity aspects. 

Promoting equality and diversity in recruitment

The principles followed by Neste in its recruitment form part of the company’s management system, and are followed in all the countries where Neste operates in accordance with local legislation.

We act in such a way that job vacancies attract applicants from a diverse pool of candidates. We recruit personnel based on their experience, expertise, skills, and values through structured process and job criteria guaranteeing that all applicants have equal opportunities and treatment during the recruitment process. Recruitment is also used to promote diversity across the company.

Read more about equality and diversity in Neste's Human Rights Principles.