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UFF Adopts a Cleaner Fuel Solution to Further Enforce the Positive Climate Effects of Recycling

The non-profit organization UFF is a firm believer in sustainability. To extend this core philosophy into its logistics solutions, UFF is incorporating Neste MY Renewable Diesel into its operations.

“In addition to supporting sustainable development, reducing the effects of climate change is also a cornerstone of our organization’s work,” says UFF’s CEO Virve Kivi. “It is very natural for us to start using Neste MY Renewable Diesel, which is a fuel innovation that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 90%. Up until now, no similar solution has been available, so we are very excited about this partnership,” Kivi adds.

Natural development for sustainable organization

UFF acknowledges that its investment in a cleaner fuel solution is a natural development for sustainable organization. According to Virve Kivi, “we believe that all responsible individuals and companies who donate clothes to UFF appreciate that our logistics chain also works ecologically. Using Neste MY Renewable Diesel will further reinforce the positive climate effects of recycling garments.

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