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Base Oils blog articles


Neste and Evonik gearing up wind energy

With the rapid industrialization of developing countries, a projected twofold increase in demand for electricity and the switch to renewable sources, the energy industry is facing a transformation unlike any changes it has witnessed before. And thus, we are taking a big step to ensure that its gears will keep on turning smoothly.

Why every drop can make a difference

Base oils play an essential role in the everyday lives of people and industries worldwide, ensuring society can move efficiently, smoothly, reliably and sustainably. What does it take to offer a product that meets the highest customer demands?

Group III base oil interchange makes sense, but only for commodity markets

What are the perspectives for adopting BOI for Group III base oils on a broader scale? It’s a challenge we explain in our latest blog.

A winding road towards sustainable transportation

A long journey lies ahead of us. And there is no silver bullet for stopping climate change. Still, we need to act fast, but also ensure that our choices are wise and optimally support our sustainable actions.

Neste and Chevron: building an even brighter future for our base oils customers

Our ambition is to continue investing in meeting our customers needs through global availability and the quality of our products. In this blog, I will shed some light on how we achieve this.

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