Renewable & recycled

alternatives for the plastics industry

Neste RE

Neste RE is a raw material for plastics that is made entirely out of renewable and recycled materials. It is a drop-in solution that can be used on its own or in a blend to create products of identical quality to those made out of conventional virgin fossil raw materials.

Our approach

Neste’s ambition is to collaborate with the industry forerunners to create a world where plastics are produced from renewable and recycled materials without virgin fossil oil.

Renewable & recycled

Neste-produced Neste RE is produced without virgin fossil oil. It consists 100% of renewable and recycled material that can be used to reduce the need for fossil oil based material in the production of climate-friendlier polymers and chemicals.

Accelerating circularity

There is an urgent need to develop solutions to curb the increasing climate emissions while simultaneously tackling the global plastic waste challenge. Neste believes that accelerating the shift to a circular plastic economy provides solutions to both.

Collaborate with us


Neste and Jokey collaborate to develop the market for rigid packaging from renewable and recycled materials

Neste and Jokey, a leading international manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging, have started collaborating with a target to develop the market for rigid packaging from sustainable renewable and recycled materials for food and non-food applications.

Neste and Covestro join forces – renewable raw materials for plastics production

Neste and Covestro started cooperation in Europe to promote the use of sustainable raw materials in plastics production. Covestro will be supplied with material from renewable sources to replace a significant portion of the fossil raw materials in the manufacture of polycarbonates.

Borealis producing certified renewable polypropylene from Neste’s renewable propane at own facilities in Belgium

This marks the first time that Borealis has replaced fossil fuel-based feedstock in its large-scale commercial production of PP.

Neste and Mirova back Recycling Technologies to accelerate transition to circular economy for plastic

Neste and Mirova announced a combined EUR 10 million investment into Recycling Technologies Ltd (‘Recycling Technologies’), a specialist plastic recycling technology provider.

Neste and LyondellBasell announce commercial-scale production of bio-based plastic from renewable materials

The joint project used Neste’s renewable hydrocarbons derived from sustainable bio-based raw materials, such as waste and residue oils.

Neste and Ikea of Sweden announce partnership to deliver renewable, bio-based plastics

The partnership includes the production of plastics and other materials utilizing Neste's renewable solutions in polymer production.

Neste among the signatories of the European Plastics Pact

Neste, together with several European Union Member States and forerunner companies representing different parts of the European plastics sector, have signed the European Plastics Pact today in Brussels, Belgium.

Neste and Ravago start collaboration to enable chemical recycling of over 200,000 tons of plastic waste annually

Through collaborating in chemical recycling, Neste and Ravago wish to accelerate circularity of materials and improve resource-efficiency in the petrochemical industry.


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