Matt Lessner

"There's a great energy here"

Matt Lessner and his family in a cave with flowing water

Why would you choose Neste as an employer? What makes Neste a unique employer? 

Part of what’s made it unique for me is its hierarchy, or lack thereof. There’s a lot of empowerment here in daily decisions (though practically shutting down in terms of decision making for the summer is always difficult). Everyone is responsible for their work and as long as you are putting in the effort to do your job well, there is a lot of flexibility there which makes work life balance easier to obtain.

How would you describe your everyday life at a workplace (work community and environment)?  

You know, I honestly used to dread going into the office most days in my previous career. It was needlessly competitive and it was very much department v. department. 
It’s been the complete opposite here. I like the people I work with; the openness and willingness to work together is still refreshing to me after 4 years. 
I like coming into the office, even when we had the option to work fully remote. There’s a great energy here, particularly with all of the new faces. 
We are now getting back to where more people are in the office and therefore there is cake in the lunchroom every day. Now I’m going to have to start running again. I hate running.  :-)

How do you see Neste’s future and your part in it? 

I think our future is bright and that our purpose is vital; to create a healthier planet for future generations. My role in Feedstock Growth is focused on ensuring we have the means to achieve that purpose. There is always something new and important to the mission.  I was heavily involved in Mahoney, AT and the JV and you can see how our strategy is maturing.  We are taking an active position here and my role is to make sure we have the feedstock to feed all these initiatives which is directly related to our purpose and creating a healthier planet for our children.  We really have the strategy to be successful in this.

I get to see how the work we do translate to renewables.  Point of origin to finished product.

Matt Lessner's baby with his Neste gifts