"Renewable fuels not only have the potential to displace an enormous amount of carbon emissions, but they represent a major milestone for PowerSecure and the energy users and producers we serve towards being future-ready."

Eric Dupont
Chief Development Officer


"First-of-its-kind" strategic collaboration in the US


PowerSecure has developed, installed, managed and serviced 2+ GW of microgrid capacity over the past 20 years


PowerSecure installed and monitored more than 2,100 microgrid sites in the US

PowerSecure Introduces Renewable Fuels to the Power Generation Industry

PowerSecure, a leading microgrid solutions company, provides its customers with clean and reliable power for everyday operation and back-up power during unanticipated grid outages. A subsidiary of Southern Company, PowerSecure helps retail, technology and many other companies achieve energy security and is continuously improving its offerings to help them reach their sustainability goals. 
Recognizing customers’ demand for a cleaner alternative to fossil fuel that also delivers strong performance, PowerSecure is now partnering with Neste to offer microgrid solutions powered by Neste MY Renewable Diesel

3 Challenges faced by PowerSecure  

  1. A low-carbon fuel that helps customers achieve sustainability goals  
  2. A today solution that ensures resiliency of customers’ operations
  3. A product that integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure and assets

The transition to renewable fuel helps organizations achieve multiple goals: protecting investments and assets from being stranded as technology evolves, reducing carbon emissions during operations and maintaining critical operations during grid outages

Eric Dupont, Chief Development Officer

Carl F


A First-of-its-Kind Collaboration to Power Generators with Renewable Diesel

Delivering clean and resilient energy for its customers is ingrained in PowerSecure’s mission. As part of its plan to promote a clean energy future, PowerSecure becomes one of the first companies to offer a renewable diesel alternative for its PowerBlock generation solutions. This is made possible through the strategic collaboration with Neste.

For Eric Dupont, chief development officer of PowerSecure, the ability to use renewable fuel seamlessly in its generators is a game changer for customers with sustainability goals. 
"The transition to renewable fuel helps organizations achieve multiple goals: protecting investments and assets from being stranded as technology evolves, reducing carbon emissions during operations and maintaining critical operations during grid outages," said Dupont. 

Compared to fossil diesel, Neste MY Renewable Diesel reduces GHG emissions by up to 75% over its lifecycle. Made from renewable and sustainably sourced raw materials, it also contains no aromatics and significantly reduces fine particulates and nitrogen oxides, which allows organizations to reduce their carbon footprint, transition away from fossil fuels overnight and help fight climate change.

Meeting Customers’ Resiliency Needs with No New Investments 

For businesses, resilience is key. Diesel-powered generators work to secure operations during extreme weather conditions or power outages. 

“Our customers - including tech and retail companies - center around the need for power resiliency in their business; they think about electrification of their vehicle fleet, and about the automation side of their distribution centers,” said Dupont. “The more they become reliant upon power, the more that resiliency becomes very important for their business practices.”

Renewable diesel is fully compatible with all the diesel engines, which is another benefit for companies who have invested in diesel generator assets. The "drop-in" fuel can be fully utilized in existing PowerBlock spark- and compression-fired assets immediately with no equipment modifications or additional costs required.

“These are long-term assets. If a customer invested today in a diesel-generated system, then they're making a long-term decision about committing to that type of asset,” said Dupont. “Offering renewable diesel allows us to give them comfort that there's an alternative, and that their decision today doesn’t impair their ability to meet those sustainability targets in the future.”

Working Together to Increase the Awareness of Renewable Diesel in the Power-Gen Industry 

According to a recent report by policy consulting and analysis firm M-Cubed, California had over 21,000 diesel-fueled power generation units - emitting more than 442,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Transitioning to renewable diesel would significantly reduce emissions without requiring any equipment upgrades or modifications to existing generation systems. 
“The first step is education and understanding the cost. Because it’s renewable, people think it's costly, but the cost is not that significant compared to the benefits it offers,” said Dupont. “Increasingly, our customers understand the potential benefits and are excited about the solution”
Recently, Neste partnered with PowerSecure and Volvo Penta to speak a webinar organized by Microgrid Knowledge, where experts from each company discussed the potential of using renewable diesel in power generations, visit here to learn more.

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