Marketing Efforts

We collect data about your purchases and your use of our Services, including digital services, such as the Site, based on our legitimate interest, for the following purposes: 

  • To better understand usage trends among customers
  • To improve the customer experience 
  • To further develop our Services and products in response to customers’ interests and needs
  • To provide our Services and products
  • To send marketing materials or communications via email related to the individual's area of interest.

We analyze and compile statistics about our customers’ use of our Services and products. We also collect data about your actions when you receive our marketing messages. This includes data about the links you open and how many times you open them, as well as your purchases and other actions on our Site (see our Cookie Notice).

Based on the data we have collected, we create a profile that describes you as a customer as accurately as possible, to categorize you into various segments according to your total annual purchases, your purchase frequency or the product range you use, for example. This creates added value: we strive to provide you with better Services and products and marketing messages that better meet your needs.

Such data and profile also enables us to better meet the constantly changing needs and wishes of customers. Our marketing varies according to the customer.

We do not engage in profiling that would produce legal effects or other significant effects concerning you.