"Vision Recycling is proud to partner with Neste because it is a win-win situation that keeps the circular path going."

Debbie Delconte
Ambassador of Goodwill


Neste MY Renewable Diesel
fuels all 60 horsepower engines

that no longer produce tangible particulates.


Faster start time
and quicker service

with renewable diesel.


renewable-sourced products

are converted into fuel to power machinery

Vision Recycling is reducing its carbon footprint by switching to renewable diesel

With a goal of returning organics back to local soils, Vision Recycling is based in Fremont, California, and has been helping cities since 1996 to convert municipal yard trimmings, wood debris and food waste into renewable products which communities can benefit from. By switching to renewable diesel, Vision Recycling is able to continue its dedication to a sustainability-driven philosophy, achieve its climate action goals and reduce its carbon footprint.

3 challenges faced by Vision Recycling 

  1. Reduce carbon emissions to support sustainability goals
  2. Seamless transition with no modifications to existing equipment
  3. Maintain or reduce operating costs

The fact that we have converted to Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a big benefit to continuing our philosophy and dedication we have to recycling as much as we possibly can.

Tom Delconte, President

Carl F


The decision to switch to renewable diesel was easy and the transition itself was seamless, starting with smaller pieces of equipment before moving over to larger ones. 

“Neste MY Renewable Diesel has led to faster startup times which lets us provide our services quicker and have less polluted fuel systems.” - Kevin Olasava, Fleet Manager.

Sixty horsepower engines, which used to pump out a lot of black smoke, now run on renewable diesel, according to President Tom Delconte. 

“The fuel is much cleaner than regular diesel. When we heard about renewable diesel and saw Neste shared our same philosophy, we knew we had to make the switch. We want to have a nice place for our kids in the future, and I know that in doing this, we’re helping our community.” - Adan Rodriguez, General Manager.


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