Change runs on renewables

Reusing already used materials and turning them into something valuable – the core idea behind our renewable solutions. Our new brand film shows how recycled and renewed digital materials can be turned into a strong artistic piece.

3 Things you need to know about chemically recycled plastic

Heikki Färkkilä, Vice President of Chemical Recycling at Neste, deep dives into the world of chemical recycling to understand what exciting breakthroughs are on the horizon for the fast-moving industry.

The Brave and the innovative: Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum

This is the story of a true innovator, whose deeply personal commitment to sustainability throughout his career has brought about change for a better future.

What is success in 2030? Sustainability-driven network effect is creating an new reality for business

The future of companies, individuals and entire societies is shaped by a rapidly moving climate crisis, sustainability-driven changes in the investment world and the surrounding consumer environment.
Circular economy

CCS and CCU. Mind explaining what these are again?

Carbon capture with permanent storage (CCS) or utilization of the captured CO2 (CCU) are tools for reducing emissions, and both are needed to combat climate change

Articles & Blogs

Journey to Zero by Neste

Journey to Zero is Neste’s initiative for a better future. Together with our partners, we want to bring forth solutions that drive the world towards a climate neutral world, creating an all-round better tomorrow.