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Today, the majority of freight vehicles rely on diesel fuel. It’s no wonder, given diesel’s energy density, driving range and reliability. But because the majority of these vehicles continue to run on fossil diesel, the freight industry is under pressure to lower its considerable carbon footprint. Enter Neste MY Renewable Diesel™, a sustainable drop-in fuel that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent compared to fossil diesel.

No matter how near or far your routes take you, Neste’s supply channels—which include cardlocks, bulk delivery and mobile fueling—ensure product availability. Wherever you are, you can be certain of the quality of Neste MY, which meets all ASTM D975 and state and federal diesel specifications.

Let’s make something clear: Renewable diesel is different from biodiesel. With chemical properties similar to fossil fuel, Neste MY delivers comparable benefit and performance to your fleet—without the downside.


How Neste MY benefits the freight industry


Easy to switch

Fully compatible with your existing diesel infrastructure, no costly overhauls, new equipment or additional investment required. Just drop-in and drive.

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Low environmental impact

Made from a mix of 10 plus different feedstocks, mainly wastes and residues and various vegetable oils, sourced from supply chain partners who meet strict sustainability standards.

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Powerful performance

Clean-burning, pure hydrocarbon fuel contributes to maintenance improvements, virtually eliminating the risk of deposits that can negatively affect filters and injectors.

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Compliant with regulations 

Neste MY Renewable Diesel meets the same specification as fossil diesel – ASTM D975 and EN 15940. Its lubricity provides extra protection for fuel pumps and fuel injectors.

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 “The transition to Neste MY Renewable Diesel was super easy. It’s a drop-in fuel replacement, so the switch was seamless. We have been using the product for over a year now and it has been a great transition for us.” 

– Richard Damilano, operations manager, Cherokee Freight Lines


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