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Run On Neste MY Renewable Diesel™

Reduce GHG emissions, not performance

Neste MY Renewable Diesel Lowers Your CO2 Emissions

Neste MY Renewable DieselTM (R99 diesel) is a Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) made from 100% sustainably sourced renewable raw materials such as used cooking oil and animal fat from food industry waste. It is fully compatible with all diesel engines and current diesel fuel distribution infrastructure – from refinery to fueling service stations and end-users. Neste MY Renewable Diesel fuel has a similar chemical composition to fossil diesel. This means that it is a drop-in replacement for fossil diesel. A drop-in fuel can be used without any modifications, neat or blended at any ratio. 
The use of Neste MY Renewable Diesel can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG or CO2e) emissions by up to 75% over the fuel’s life cycle when compared to fossil diesel. Make a difference today by switching to renewable diesel fuel.

Is renewable diesel right for you?

Neste MY Renewable Diesel performs like fossil diesel, with superior performance over biodiesel. Offering reliable cold weather performance and is free of sulfur, oxygen and aromatic compounds, only Neste MY guarantees that every gallon sold meets ASTM D975 and EN 15490 specifications in compliance with OEM standards. Neste MY Renewable Diesel is the first TOP TIER™ certified fuel of its kind so you can rely on:

  • a high standard of performance
  • improved fuel stability
  • reduced fuel deposits
  • other maintenance and performance benefits

Fleet operators across all industries are switching to Neste MY Renewable Diesel because it’s easy, cost effective, and delivers immediate reductions in GHG and particulate matter (PM) emissions. 

This is a simple way to reduce fleet CO2e emissions. Just fill up with renewable diesel and drive!

See how Neste MY Renewable Diesel can help you meet GHG emissions reduction goals

Calculate Your GHG Reduction

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Renewable diesel vs biodiesel

Renewable diesel and biodiesel are often confused, but they are not the same. Renewable diesel is a pure hydrocarbon diesel fuel chemically very similar to fossil diesel, and is also known as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) fuel, whereas biodiesel is a Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) product which is not a hydrocarbon.

Although both fuels are produced from renewable raw materials, they are chemically different. Renewable diesel – a second generation biofuel – is far more versatile. Advanced production technologies ensure that renewable diesel is a drop-in solution that can be used in a pure form, with no blending required.

Biodiesel’s composition makes it less compatible with existing diesel engines at full concentration, and most OEMs recommend that biodiesel be blended with renewable diesel or fossil diesel at concentrations of 20% or less.

Learn more about the differences between renewable diesel and biodiesel.

Swipe right to compare...
Swipe right to compare... icon
Impact in reducing GHG emissions? Significant – up to 75%* fewer GHG emissions None Modest – up to 15% fewer GHG emissions
Made from renewable sources? Yes, from 100% sustainably sourced waste raw materials No Yes, but primarily sourced from virgin sources, not waste
Performance in cold weather? Excellent Excellent Depends on biodiesel/diesel blend ratio
Cetane Number – Higher value indicates greater combustion efficiency, quicker cold starts and lower emissions 70+ 45-55 50
Fuel Stability High Average Low
OEM Approval Yes Yes Yes

How much CO2e will you reduce by switching to renewable diesel?

Estimate your potential greenhouse gas emissions reductions using our interactive calculator. 

Your fleet's annual diesel consumption
1 000 gallons
Fossil diesel
11.4 tCO₂eq
Annual emissions with fossil diesel
Neste MY Logo
2.9 tCO₂eq
Annual emissions with Neste MY Renewable Diesel™
8.6 tCO₂eq
Up to 75% reduction in CO₂eq emissions.
Potential greenhouse gas emissions reductions are over the lifecycle and compared only to fossil diesel. Achieving these benefits requires using Neste MY Renewable Diesel in neat form
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Neste MY Renewable Diesel powers fleets in all industries

From long-haul trucking and construction to municipal services, choosing renewable diesel is the simplest way to significantly reduce your organization’s carbon footprint, today. Learn how industry leaders are forging the Journey to Zero. Do you want to know more about how your business can benefit from switching to renewable diesel? Our dedicated white papers give you more data and insights.

Drop-in renewable fuel for construction companies and job sites

Make your diesel equipment sustainable practically overnight. A drop-in renewable fuel that’s compatible with all diesel engines and lowers GHG emissions immediately.

Learn how to reduce your GHG emissions

Freight operators reduce CO2 emissions and maintenance costs

Lower carbon footprint, high performance and savings on maintenance. No modifications to fueling systems or vehicles.

Switch your fleet to renewable diesel today.

Public fleets can reduce carbon footprint to meet climate goals
public fleets

Budget-friendly sustainable performance that can help you meet your climate goals practically overnight without having to buy new vehicles.

Easily reduce your carbon footprint

Waste companies can benefit from a clean biofuel produced from waste materials.

Manage waste without making it. A cleaner-burning fuel that helps reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

See the benefits of switching to renewable diesel

Higher performance and lower fleet emissions, immediately

Lower your existing fleet’s emissions practically overnight. High performance and lower emissions are just the start for any fleet operator.

Learn how you can run more efficiently and sustainably

Neste R99 Meets CARB harbor craft regulation requirements

Meet air quality regulation requirements with our clean-burning R99 fuel. A drop-in solution that is OEM-approved for Marine diesel applications.

Meet compliance requirements with renewable diesel (R99)


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*Lifecycle greenhouse gas emission reductions compared to fossil diesel and based on current feedstock pathways. Calculation method complies with the LCFS CA-GREET 3.0.