Take a deep dive into transport emissions data. Discover where transport emissions come from and what strategies are available to reduce emissions.

Sustainable mobility data

Almost one third of US GHG emissions

come from the transportation sector, making it the largest contributor of GHG emissions in the nation.

The second most polluting mode of transportation

in the US are medium and heavy-duty vehicles, representing roughly a quarter of transportation emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions from these vehicles have increased by more than 90% since 1990.

179 million metric tons

of GHG emissions were generated by commercial passenger flights departing in the US in 2019, making the US the world's largest producer of aviation emissions.

81% of US energy is generated by fossil fuels, which is used to heat our homes, run our vehicles and generate electricity. For over 200 years, our quality of life has depended on fossil fuels. We now know that the use of fossil fuels is harmful to both the environment and public health, and the use of fossil fuels needs to stop.