"We are an advocate of renewable diesel because farmers need to have good crops. Good crops need good soil and clean air, so anything we can do to support that, we definitely want to be a part of."

Jack Frey
Partner, Tracy Ranch & The Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Company


100% of the ranch’s equipment runs on Neste MY Renewable Diesel.


Uses 500,000 gallons of Neste MY Renewable Diesel a year


Reducing up to 4,282 metric tons of GHG emissions annually

How Neste MY Renewable Diesel Helps Centuries-old Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Company Embrace Sustainability 

Founded in 1862, Tracy Ranch & The Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Company (BLACCO) is a family-owned operation that grows cotton, wheat, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, almonds and pistachios over 5,000 acres. It may be a local Central Valley ranch, but its crops are international. Notably, pistachios grown at Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Co. are distributed all over the world and can be purchased at your local grocery store. 

3 challenges faced by Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Co. 

  1. In need of a today solution with lower carbon emissions  
  2. Looking for a fossil diesel alternative that delivers high performance and requires less maintenance needs
  3. Looking for a seamless transition that would work with a variety of farming equipment

“Farmers are surviving off the environment, so while it may be that ancient history thought we were users of the environment, it proves that we will always be reliant on it,” said Frey. “Doing our part to take good care of it is always critical.”


A Path Toward Healthier Environment for Crops 

To Jack Frey, Buttonwillow Ranch has been a big part of his entire life. He has spent over 30 years helping run it and is in charge of the heavy equipment and machinery. 

Located in Bakersfield, California’s Central Valley, Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Co. has been continuously benefiting from the region's amazing climate, water, land, and human resources. Understanding the importance of sustainable farming, Frey wants to do his part to keep the environment viable and capable of supporting life for generations to come. That’s when Jeffries Brothers, Neste’s trusted distribution partner, introduced Neste MY Renewable Diesel to Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Co. 

Now, Frey uses Neste MY Renewable Diesel to power 100% of Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Co. diesel fleet and equipment. Before making the switch, Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Co. farm equipment was emitting visible fumes with a strong odor. But now, the cleaner-burning fuel allowed Buttonwillow to immediately reduce its carbon footprint, not only contributing to cleaner air for the surrounding community but also a healthier environment for the crops. Compared to fossil diesel, Neste MY Renewable Diesel emits 75% less GHG emissions over the lifecycle and significantly less particulates and NOx, making it naturally healthier for the crops, farmers working on the ranch, and the end customers.

“Farmers are surviving off the environment, so while it may be that ancient history thought we were users of the environment, it proves that we will always be reliant on it,” said Frey. “Doing our part to take good care of it is always critical.”  

One Type of Fuel Works Perfectly for a Diverse Fleet

Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Co., has over 60 pieces of equipment, including tractors, water trucks and unique harvest equipment. Finding an alternative to fossil diesel that offers all of Frey’s existing equipment the same or higher level of operational flexibility, fuel availability, reliability and durability was not easy, but Neste MY Renewable Diesel met and exceeded his requirements. 

Since Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a drop-in fuel compatible for all diesel engines, Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Co. didn’t need to purchase any new equipment or make modifications to their engines to make the switch, and was able to make the switch without compromising on performance. 

“You can’t farm without diesel. But renewable diesel offers a cleaner solution that delivers high performance for the agriculture industry - an industry that is vital to the people and the national economy.” said Matt Jeffries, CEO of Jeffries Brothers. “It is truly a solution available right now, it’s not just another commodity, it’s not just another product.”

Reduced Maintenance Needs and Costs 

Prior to the switch, Frey often heard complaints from his drivers about the fuel in the engines and noticed issues with regard to the exhaust filtration. Since he started to use Neste MY Renewable Diesel, he noticed positive changes almost overnight. 

“When we switched to renewable diesel, we started seeing better performance right away and less maintenance issues immediately,” said Jack Frey, partner at Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Co. “Where we really saw a difference is when we started using it in some of the highway vehicles with heavy loads, and I noticed they did significantly better.”

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