Mutually beneficial partnerships

Neste has a very clear purpose: to create a healthier planet for our children. We are committed to sustainability and continuously improving our performance while aiming to make positive environmental and social impacts throughout our business operations and value chains. Focus on sustainability has helped Neste accelerate its business growth. 

We source only sustainable raw materials from suppliers who are similarly committed to principles of sustainability and continuous improvement. While we demand quite a lot from ourselves and of our partners, mutual commitments to sustainability provide a solid basis for long-term partnerships and growth.

Aiming to be the best partner for forerunner companies

We put a lot of effort into being the best partner for forerunner companies in the market. We always treat our potential and current partners with the utmost respect. As we aim to select the best companies as our partners, we value them and do our best to understand their needs and challenges throughout our collaboration. We also invest in long-term growth and development together. 

Helping our partners to develop

In addition to being a stable and reliable partner fostering frictionless everyday operations, we actively engage our partners into joint development and to resolve any grievances or other challenges together. We want to help our partners to make an even more positive impact on the environment, people, communities and societies – and of course, to run a successful business in the process.

We are looking for new suppliers 

We are continuously searching for new raw material suppliers to join our growing network. Currently, we are looking especially for used cooking oil (UCO) suppliers being capable of offering, on average, more than 100 tons of oil per month.

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