Neste Veturi tackling climate crisis: Novel sustainable & scalable solutions for transportation and chemicals

Neste Veturi tackling climate crisis: Novel sustainable & scalable solutions for transportation and chemicals

Neste is targeting to become a global leader in renewable and circular solutions. Our innovation activities focus on renewing the existing businesses and developing new raw materials and technology solutions for transportation fuels as well as chemicals and polymers as an enabler to strengthen our ambitious growth strategy.

In Neste Veturi program we develop sustainable fuels and chemicals from renewable and recycled raw materials that have been difficult to utilize so far. New solutions decrease the use of crude oil and tackle climate change. Focus areas of Neste Veturi include:

  •  ​forestry residues, 
  • ​ municipal waste, 
  • ​ algae, 
  •  waste plastics, 
  • ​ carbon dioxide and hydrogen, 
  •  novel vegetable oils,
  •  catalysis

The development work is supported by Business Finland. Veturi instrument of Business Finland aims to increase research, development and innovation (RDI) in Finland very significantly by supporting leading companies to develop new business and build RDI ecosystems. More information on the Veturi instrument can be found here.

Call for collaboration

Development of the new solutions enables collaboration and Neste works closely with companies, research institutes and universities. We are looking for curious-minded research partners to co-develop fuels and chemicals from scalable renewable and circular raw materials with us. The collaboration can be realized in the form of e.g. bilateral collaboration or consortium research.

We are happy to share with you the updated public roadmap of Neste Veturi program. It describes the focus areas of Neste Veturi and also the topics where R&D collaboration is looked for. 

Updated public roadmap of Neste Veturi

Neste Veturi events

 ​Change Journey with Neste Veturi on 06.10.2022


Join us in creating a healthier planet for our children!

We are happy to collaborate!

Please contact us if you have ideas on any R&D collaboration, questions or other inquiries related to Neste Veturi topics. 

For more information, please contact
Neste Veturi program manager
Teija Laitinen
Mob. +358 40 5295 886

We are actively co-developing new solutions with our partners in the following Veturi ecosystem R&D projects:

Neste Veturi other projects

Other projects

1) SugarCatalyst: Catalytic conversion of lignosugars to chemicals and fuels, 2) CO2 capture: Direct and reversible CO2 capture from air using superbases