We value operational excellence

Execution of investment projects, and operational excellence play a key role in Neste’s strategy implementation. Safety, quality, schedule compliance, and cost efficiency are common attributes for each of them. Those attributes also drive the Procurement operations and Supplier selection at Neste.

Suppliers are an integral part of Neste’s value chain. While ensuring the best available value from the supply market, Neste expects from its Suppliers an uncompromised commitment to safety, high quality of supplies and deliverables as well as compliance with agreed delivery schedules. 

In all Procurement operations Neste will act in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as Neste’s values, principles, and policies. We conduct business only with the Suppliers whom we can trust they act in the same manner. We expect high ethical standards from our Suppliers and that they do business in a sustainable manner. Neste Supplier Code of Conduct  sets the minimum requirements for all Neste Suppliers. Therefore we expect that each of our Suppliers will expressly commit themselves to following and complying with such Code. 

Neste is committed to operating with integrity towards its Suppliers and treating them fairly, and equally, always based on objective factors and excluding personal preferences or interest. We aim for long-term and mutually beneficial business relationship with our  key suppliers. We welcome innovations and are always open for feedback from our Suppliers.