Location details

For some functions and features of the Services, your location will be needed. In the production and provision or the Services, we use technology that uses Bluetooth and GPS to enable geolocation of individual users.

Your geolocation can be determined only when you use the Services, or when they are otherwise active on your device. 

Locating a customer enables, for example, additional services, features, or offers to be displayed to the customer.

Among the features that such positioning allows is displaying targeted advertising or marketing offers to the user, and enabling them to use certain features of the Services. We are entitled to store any data gathered with the aid of identification as part of other customer-related data that we save and retain. We may serve targeted marketing advertisements to you via other websites, such as, but not limited to, Facebook.

If you decide to enable location of your device, you thereby agree also to location data being processed in accordance with our Terms of Use.